Timezone not parsed correctly for Israel standard time

Tsvi Mostovicz ttmost at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 16:54:35 UTC 2019

 Hi all,

I'm unaware whether this has been fixed or if it is a real bug, but I think
the issue is with uclibc (I thought it would be busybox, but they don't
seem to care about timezones).
It seems that uclibc has an issue parsing /etc/TZ file correctly for Israel
Standard Time.

According to GNU's explanation of /etc/TZ:

"Israel Standard Time (IST) and Israel Daylight Time (IDT) are 2 hours
ahead of the prime meridian in winter, springing forward an hour on March’s
fourth Thursday at 26:00 (i.e., 02:00 on the first Friday on or after March
23), and falling back on October’s last Sunday at 02:00.


But it seems that uclibc has trouble understanding the value of 26.
When I set /etc/TZ as below:

echo "IST-2IDT,M3.4.4/26,M10.5.0" > /etc/TZ

and run the date command, I get the UTC time. If I change the 26 to a
value less than 24 I get the correct time in IST/IDT.

The following report
https://dev.archive.openwrt.org/ticket/11445.html#comment:11 seems
related to the issue.

I have no problem creating a patch, but I couldn't find where the date
command get's the info from the /etc/TZ file.

I'd very much appreciate your help,

Tsvi Mostovicz
ttmost at gmail.com

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