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Lance Fredrickson lancethepants at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 16:45:42 UTC 2018

What router are you using? It would be best if you could find the 
original toolchain that compiled your firmware if you want to link 
against the router's libraries. Presumably the manufacturer of the 
router should release the source code and accompanying toolchain. That's 
where first I would go, but maybe you've already pursued that route.

My next suggestion would be to create statically linked binaries. If 
there's something not quite right with linking against the embedded 
devices libraries, and the toolchain you created is suitable for that 
architecture and linux kernel version, that might give some better 
results. The binaries will be bigger, but you can strip them and 
compress with upx to squeeze out some of the size.

If you do go the route of static binaries, then I would use a suitable 
toolchain with the latest of uclibc-ng and gcc. That particular version 
of uclibc is very old, and maybe there is just an issue with it that has 
been addressed in uclibc-ng.  I've had better luck with stability  using 
newer versions of gcc and uclibc-ng.

If you have a relatively new off the shelf consumer router, something 
like asus, netgear ( arm or mipsel cpus) that you can load 3rd party 
firmware on, you might take a look at my project "tomatoware". You can 
compile from source directly on the router. It links against it's own 
included libraries, or you can create a static binary that is portable 
and non-dependant on the tomatware environment.



On 4/16/2018 8:45 AM, Jesus Alonso wrote:
> Thanks for help :-)
> Unfortunately I already tried that (enabled thread debugging, disabled
> stripping, enabled debugging symbols, enabling gdbserver). Unfortunately I
> cannot get gdb to build. It builds nicely with latest buildroot, but I need
> version 2016.02 or earlier because later version do not have uClibc 0.9.32.
> I might give gdb another try.
> Regards,
> Jesús Alonso
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