Obtain configuration from library

Bernd Petrovitsch bernd at petrovitsch.priv.at
Mon Apr 16 14:33:36 UTC 2018


On 16/04/18 13:17, Jesus Alonso wrote:
> I suspect the answer is "no", but I'm asking just in case.

I don't know;-)

> Short question: Is it possible to obtain the configuration used to build
> uClibc from the library binaries?
> Long story: I have a router using uClibc 0.9.32, and I want to add to it
> some more programs without removing the OS actually installed. I have tried
> building a toolchain with uClibc 0.9.32 (using buildroot 2016.02). It
> works, and I can build programs and libraries. Unfortunately, sometimes the
> programs segfault, and I suppose it is because of differences between the

Get `gdb` (or `gdbserver`) on the device to get the exact point (source 
file and line number) of the seg-fault.
Or generate a core dump and analyze that locally with `gdb`.

Obviously, you need debugging symbols with the seg-faulting binary.

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