[PATCH 2/3] ldso/mips: Remove redundant LD_DEBUG prints

Gregory Fong gregory.0xf0 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 18:42:00 UTC 2014

These should have been protected by

  if (_dl_debug_reloc && _dl_debug_detail)

, but since the previous change "ldso/mips: actually print results of
each relocation" makes this redundant, just eliminate these prints
instead.  I think this is the only item that is still printing
regardless of the value of LD_DEBUG when uClibc is built with

Signed-off-by: Gregory Fong <gregory.0xf0 at gmail.com>
 ldso/ldso/mips/elfinterp.c | 12 ------------
 1 file changed, 12 deletions(-)

diff --git a/ldso/ldso/mips/elfinterp.c b/ldso/ldso/mips/elfinterp.c
index 8bcdddb..dfe37c5 100644
--- a/ldso/ldso/mips/elfinterp.c
+++ b/ldso/ldso/mips/elfinterp.c
@@ -240,20 +240,12 @@ int _dl_parse_relocation_information(struct dyn_elf *xpnt,
 					case R_MIPS_TLS_DTPMOD32:
 						if (tls_tpnt)
 							*(ElfW(Word) *)reloc_addr = tls_tpnt->l_tls_modid;
-#ifdef __SUPPORT_LD_DEBUG__
-						_dl_dprintf(2, "TLS_DTPMOD : %s, %d, %d\n",
-							symname, old_val, *((unsigned int *)reloc_addr));
 					case R_MIPS_TLS_DTPREL64:
 					case R_MIPS_TLS_DTPREL32:
 						*(ElfW(Word) *)reloc_addr +=
 							TLS_DTPREL_VALUE (symbol_addr);
-#ifdef __SUPPORT_LD_DEBUG__
-						_dl_dprintf(2, "TLS_DTPREL : %s, %x, %x\n",
-							symname, old_val, *((unsigned int *)reloc_addr));
 					case R_MIPS_TLS_TPREL32:
@@ -261,10 +253,6 @@ int _dl_parse_relocation_information(struct dyn_elf *xpnt,
 						CHECK_STATIC_TLS((struct link_map *)tls_tpnt);
 						*(ElfW(Addr) *)reloc_addr +=
 							TLS_TPREL_VALUE (tls_tpnt, symbol_addr);
-#ifdef __SUPPORT_LD_DEBUG__
-						_dl_dprintf(2, "TLS_TPREL  : %s, %x, %x\n",
-							symname, old_val, *((unsigned long *)reloc_addr));

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