Doing a release?

Florian Fainelli f.fainelli at
Wed Sep 18 09:10:35 UTC 2013


2013/9/18 Carmelo Amoroso <carmelo73 at>:
> Il 18 settembre 2013 06:49:44 Thomas Petazzoni
> <thomas.petazzoni at> ha scritto:
>> Dear uClibc developers,
> Hi Thomas
>> The last release of uClibc,, has been made well over a year
>> ago. However, there is fairly big number of improvements/fixes in the
>> master branch that would be interesting to have in a release. At the
>> Buildroot level, we now have 53 patches in your patch stack against
>> uClibc, all coming from the master branch if I'm correct (see
> At a first look it seems you have there some patches not part of any uclibc
> branches ... Likely it would be nice to include them as well.
> For sure it's time for a but I do also think that we can start a
> 0.9.34 release from master.
> Bernard what do you think ?

Some others and myself even started to provide branches containing
patches present on master that needed backporting to release a future and it seemed like we were closed and then nothing happened.
I do not blame anyone as my time on this is also scarce, but at some
point I think we should make a release, even if that means doing a shortly after.

>> It'd be really nice if uClibc adopted a slightly more frequent release
>> schedule, to more easily allow downstream users to benefit from
>> improvements/fixes.
> I agree. I know to have been less active recently as my major tasks are
> currently on the kernel side and SOC bring up but I'll try to respin my
> contribution to uclibc and upstream several patches we have in STMicro
> branch.

Very true, at the moment, both people building uClibc-based toolchains
from source and companies need to keep following the uClibc master
branch development and do the backports themselves, clearly this is an
effort duplication when uClibc could do this.

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