problem in building ncurses with uclibc

neutrino network neutrino.network1 at
Tue Sep 17 06:38:49 UTC 2013

gcc 4.3.3
ncurses 5.7

I am trying to build(cross compiling for mips) ncurses using a uclibc toolchain
but it gives following error;

lib64\libc.a(nsswitch.o): (.data.rel+0x18):undefined reference to

uclibc does not support nss (it is supported by glibc),  how should i
solve this?

my config command is given below;

./configure --prefix=/ncurses_crosscompiled --disable-static --enable-shared

plus ncurses mailing list says that ncurses has nothing to do with this
symbol "_nss_files_endaliasent" or library.

Kindly guide.

xxxx-Name of the embeded device concealed

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