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> Subject: Segfault in
> Both ncurses and SDL crash whenever an application using them crashes.
> dmesg tells me that sdl related crashes are segfaults in libdl-
> which is (correct me if I'm wrong) the library for the dynamic loader?

It is the library provide the support to dynamically load shared libraries.

> There isn't much more info since I didn't build with debugging
> libraries.
> Its strange that this is happening, it worked previously, and I don't
> think
> I changed anything in my uclibc config except for adding fenv
> functions,
> which shouldn't affect SDL since SDL is only written in C.
> Everything on my system is dynamically linked, and most things run fine
> including complex applications such as Xfbdev, and even Abiword. Any
> ideas
> about what the problem could be?

With the info you provide is difficult understand where is the problem,
What I suggest you is to build the uClibc with SUPPORT_LD_DEBUG and
SUPPORT_LD_DEBUG_EARLY enabled, they could give some useful info.
Which arch are you using?

> If it would be helpful, I could show you my uclibc config file (or
> some relevant portion of it).
> --PHil
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