[PATCH] prevent retries on fclose/fflush after write errors

Rich Felker dalias at aerifal.cx
Sun Mar 11 17:43:06 UTC 2012

[resending to list; I hate this list's reply-to-sender-by-default]

On Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 04:12:19PM +0100, Denys Vlasenko wrote:
> On Sunday 11 March 2012 14:46, Denys Vlasenko wrote:
> > I propose the following patch.
> > Only compile tested by me, care to run-test?
> A more correct (I hope) version:

I'm curious why this is such a big patch introducing new functions and
struct members. Couldn't it be just a one-line change in the function
that writes out the buffers (i.e. do the buffer-voiding as soon as the
error is hit rather than testing for it later)? Perhaps I'm missing
something about uclibc's design that makes this not work well, but
it's how my implementation in musl has always done it and I could
switch to the bad glibc behavior just by changing one line...


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