[PATCH] ldso: fix fdpic support broken from prelink patch

Henderson, Stuart Stuart.Henderson at analog.com
Tue Mar 6 18:22:30 UTC 2012

>> In the meantime any comments are welcome.

bfin fdpic build fails with error:

In file included from ldso/ldso/ldso.c:1432:
ldso/ldso/dl-elf.c: In function '_dl_load_elf_shared_library':
ldso/ldso/dl-elf.c:757: error: request for member 'map' in something not a structure or union

tpnt->ppnt = (ElfW(Phdr) *) DL_RELOC_ADDR(tpnt->mapaddr, epnt->e_phoff);
epnt->e_phoff is an Elf32_Off and DL_RELOC_ADDR on fdpic tries:
#define DL_RELOC_ADDR(LOADADDR, ADDR) ((ElfW(Addr))__reloc_pointer ((void*)(ADDR), (LOADADDR).map))


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