[PATCHv2] librt: Add partial posix_spawn support

Rich Felker dalias at aerifal.cx
Sat Mar 3 21:21:19 UTC 2012

On Sat, Mar 03, 2012 at 02:14:00PM -0500, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> On Friday 02 March 2012 01:27:00 Ismael Luceno wrote:
> > On Thu, 1 Mar 2012 20:35:19 -0500 Rich Felker wrote:
> > > On the other hand, if you want to include 75% of the functional code
> > > needed for posix_spawn, why not go ahead and include the last 25% so
> > > that it actually works?
> > 
> > Because worse is better. Today things will compile, tomorrow they will
> > work. I hope.
> as Rich said, i don't see the point in adding a large chunk of code that, in 
> the end, doesn't really implement things
> if you're just posting things that you don't intend to get merged, please 
> include those details in the patch summary and/or body.

Looking again I think it might have been partly an oversight. Glibc
has the mildly odd policy of putting stub code in place for the actual
posix_spawn function in the main source tree, because they consider
the actual implementation system-dependent and thus put it in the
sysdeps tree, and it looks like he might have just missed that when
copying the code..


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