Bernhard Reutner-Fischer at
Thu Mar 1 20:41:00 UTC 2012

On Mar 1, 2012 7:32 PM, "Henderson, Stuart" <Stuart.Henderson at>
> Hi,
> There appears to have been various changes made since 0.9.32 that assume
DL_LOADADDR_TYPE is always a scalar, which isn't the case for fdpic.
> For instance:
> dl-startup.c(DL_START) at line 281 checks:
> if(load_addr)
> Further on at line 350, it casts a scalar to DL_LOADADDR_TYPE:
> _dl_get_ready_to_run(tpnt, (DL_LOADADDR_TYPE) header, auxvt, envp, argv
> There's other similar changes in other files, these are just two
examples.  Am I missing something obvious here or do these changes not make
sense for fdpic?

You are right that they do not make sense, and Carmelo promised to fix
fdpic support (not sure about the timeframe though). Patches are of course

For fdpic, please use 0.9.32 until a release reinstates it.

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