How to build a toolchain into the target

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Hello Marc,

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On Wed, 29 Sep 2010 17:03:48 -0400
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> Thanks in advance for bearing with me; I've read the uClibc FAQ and
> what I think is the buildroot documentation 
> ( a few times on 
> different days.  Somehow, I've gotten lost.
> I'm working with buildroot-2010.08.
> Question:  Can I build my toolchain to run on the target?  I'm
> laboring with the notion that all I had to do was check the right box
> in buildroot's menuconfig, but I never found that box.  The root
> filesystem I produced doesn't have a compiler, and the toolchain I
> seem to have built is for the host architecture.  (Host is x86-64,
> and target is i486.)

Two checkboxes are needed :

 Build options
  -> development files in target filesystem


 Package Selection for the target
  -> Development tools
     -> native toolchain in the target filesystem

However, note that having a native toolchain on the target is a fairly
unusual setup for Buildroot. All the point of Buildroot is to
cross-compile things, not to build natively. Therefore, the native
toolchain on target option is only lightly tested, and may have issues.


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