How to build a toolchain into the target

Marc W. Abel me at
Wed Sep 29 21:03:48 UTC 2010

Hi all,

Thanks in advance for bearing with me; I've read the uClibc FAQ and what 
I think is the buildroot documentation 
( a few times on 
different days.  Somehow, I've gotten lost.

I'm working with buildroot-2010.08.

Question:  Can I build my toolchain to run on the target?  I'm laboring 
with the notion that all I had to do was check the right box in 
buildroot's menuconfig, but I never found that box.  The root filesystem 
I produced doesn't have a compiler, and the toolchain I seem to have 
built is for the host architecture.  (Host is x86-64, and target is i486.)

Thanks a million!


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