[RE][RE] using uClibc for build MIPS32 toolchain.

이병혁 iamdmania at hanmail.net
Tue Jan 12 03:00:46 UTC 2010

   Hi~ Austin, Thanks in your answer.

   Also there is one question.

   Is the "git address" which you say what?

   Where will be able to checkout for nptl branch? ($ svn checkout -r 1619
   5 svn://uclibc.org/branches/uClibc-nptl/ ==> ???)

   Is the highest version of nptl-branch what? revision 16195?

   This 16195 revision sought from the Internet.

   Does this hit?

   Knowing the version of uClibc which is registered in nptl branch, wants

   Also does the use of the nptl branch do to do how about?

   Austin, Reply wishes.

   - byeong hyeok lee

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   Á¦¸ñ:Re: using uClibc for build MIPS32 toolchain.

   ¹Þ´ÂÀÌ:À̺´Çõ <iamdmania at hanmail.net>

   ÇÔ²²¹Þ´ÂÀÌ:uclibc at uclibc.org

   On 01/11/2010 05:58 PM, À̺´Çõ wrote:


   >I am trying to build the toolchain for MIPS32 using buildroot(buildroo

   >I am using gcc version of 4.2.4, binutils-2.19.1, uclibc- and
   l inux-2.6.31 kernel header.

   >Basically, I need to enable NPTL feature support in my toolchain.

   >Does uclibc- has the support for NPTL?

   >I am using ".config" of Buildroot for build toolchain.

   >I see "BR2_PTHREADS_NATIVE=y" in .config file.

   >but, When I am trying build, with error happens in th uClibc-
   section below.

   >Could you please suggest me right approach to succssfully enable NPTL?

   uClibc0.9.30.1 does not have nptl. No released version does yet, but if

   wantto give it a try, and don't mind a few bumps, you can checkout the

   branchfrom git and try that.



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