using uClibc for build MIPS32 toolchain.

Austin Foxley austinf at
Tue Jan 12 02:04:22 UTC 2010

On 01/11/2010 05:58 PM, 이병혁 wrote:
>    Hi,
>    I am trying to build the toolchain for MIPS32 using buildroot(buildroot
>    -2009.11).
>    I am using gcc version of 4.2.4, binutils-2.19.1, uclibc- and l
>    inux-2.6.31 kernel header.
>    Basically, I need to enable NPTL feature support in my toolchain.
>    Does uclibc- has the support for NPTL?
>    I am using ".config" of Buildroot for build toolchain.
>    I see "BR2_PTHREADS_NATIVE=y" in .config file.
>    but, When I am trying build, with error happens in th uClibc- s
>    ection below.
>    Could you please suggest me right approach to succssfully enable NPTL?

uClibc does not have nptl. No released version does yet, but if you
want to give it a try, and don't mind a few bumps, you can checkout the nptl
branch from git and try that.


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