Compilation of syscall.c fails on ARM device

Ron ron at
Sun Sep 6 09:00:44 UTC 2009

On Sun, Sep 06, 2009 at 02:20:20AM -0400, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> On Sunday 06 September 2009 01:07:05 Ron wrote:
> > Unless your Samsung unit is some sort of freak without thumb instructions
> > EABI should work on it just fine.  The main users I know of that got
> > burned by the EABI switch were some of the strongarm chips, which are
> > actually armv4, but afaik no-one is still producing products using them.
> i certainly appreciate being able to use uClibc on my strongarm devices though 
> (i.e. netwinder), and i know some other people around here have netwinders too

Yeah, there's quite a few of those in the wild still, which is why
I mentioned them -- though I'm less sure many people are actively
developing on them still.

I don't see any compelling reason to prematurely drop OABI support
before it becomes a real pain to maintain, I just thought it was
worth clarifying that anyone with a v4t or later arch can use EABI
and at this stage in the game probably should be, unless they are
supporting an existing stable product (in which case they probably
shouldn't be updating their libc either usually :).

Ditto for 2.4 kernels.  There are plenty of devices currently using
them, but I don't know of anyone sane adding support for new and
actively developed devices there.


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