Commit 6625518cd6 broke cross compiling?

Rob Landley rob at
Sun Sep 6 04:26:01 UTC 2009

On Saturday 05 September 2009 16:30:50 Mike Frysinger wrote:
> so set ARCH on the cmdline and see if it works
> does the kernel support this use case ?  i dont think it does ...

The kernel needed you to specify ARCH on the command line a decade ago.  Up 
until last week, uClibc never did.

The kernel did this because its top level kconfig file was different for each 
architecture, so you needed to specify which set of config files you were 
working against.  But uClibc always had (and seems like it still has?) a 
single set of config files for all architectures, so there was never any reason 
to need this in uClibc.

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