bi-arch with uclibc + glibc

Brian Austin brian.austin at
Tue Jun 24 13:46:35 UTC 2008

what you do with your libs is a personal thing.  Who are we to judge?

I tried to do that once to see if it would work and got several errors.
So I gave up

Maybe try and use the opensource flash plugin and the like

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Subject: bi-arch with uclibc + glibc
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 15:40:35 +0200


any idea about mixing uclibc with glibc ?
i486-linux-gnu + i486-linux-uclibc working on the same host ?

Indeed, after successfully compiled glibc on uclibc plateform,
i got bellow error :

can't handle reloc type 0xe in lib '/emul/i386-linux/lib/'

For your information the idea is to be able to launch proprietary :-(
as firefox plugins (flash, ...)
on uclibc linux like

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