Trying to patch uclibc (trunk) for pthread_condattr_{g,s}etclock pthread_mutexattr_{g,s}etprotocol support

Gaye Abdoulaye Walsimou walsimou at
Thu Jun 19 15:43:42 UTC 2008

While trying to use realtime tests  (included in ltp:Linux Test Project 
package), on a mips based board, I found that some functions, used by 
tests, are not in uClibc.
I try to add them, and I don't know if my work is enough and even good. 
My work is nothing else than copying missing functions  from glibc-2.7 
It seems that, to run tests, I need to add another function 
clock_nanosleep (for the moment :-) ).
Before I continue, can somebody tell me if my way of adding missing 
functions is good and if not what is wrong?
I can compile modified uClibc (see attached patch) without errors (is it 

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