Update on NPTL status

Carmelo Amoroso carmelo73 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 15:39:21 UTC 2008

Hi All,
as you can see I'm committing new stuf on NPTL branch.
This because I've locally merged a lot of latest changes done recently on trunk
and I want to keep nptl branch as mush as possibible aligned with trunk
before the final merge,

Recent changes on trunk include (not availbale on NPTL):
- use of UCLIBC_MUTEX_xxx macros
- build system rework (better dependency checking)
- new way to make and install headers
- smallint stuff
- string.h, libc_hidden_proto and related changes
- other cleanups, warning reduction, cosmetic fixes
- other recent work by vda, aldot, myself and others.

There some other pending works I'll posr for inclusion to trunk
that will be included into nptl too

- rework of _dl_iterate_phdr (a my old patch never included)
- optimized memcpy for sh4
- recent changes on test build system due to hidden_proto change in string.h
- integration of futexes with UCLIBC_MUTEX_xxx macros for IO locking

The NPTL branch is compiling fine again (please wait until my last commit)
and it is under testing on sh4 heavily.
I'd expect some regressions due this huge set of changes.

Just to ensure all the NPTL is alive :-)
I'll be back with other updates (after my next week holiday :-) )


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