sysconf(_SC_MONOTONIC_CLOCK) problem

Will Wagner will_wagner at
Thu Jun 12 18:35:59 UTC 2008


I am using uclicb 0.9.29 on Arm built with buildroot

I want to use monotonic clock support and to test that that 
functionality exists I try the following bit of code:

     long x = sysconf(_SC_MONOTONIC_CLOCK);
     bool hasMonotonic = x >= 200112L;

However when I run this sysconf return -1.

Looking at the code it appears this happens if __NR_clock_getres is not 
defined. However looking at the kernel headers I think it is defined as:

#define __NR_clock_getres		(__NR_SYSCALL_BASE+264)

in unistd.h

If I run this code:

     if (syscall(__NR_clock_getres, CLOCK_MONOTONIC, NULL) < 0)
         printf("syscall failed %d", errno);
         return 0;

     if (clock_getres(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, NULL) < 0)
         printf("clock_getres failed %d", errno);
         return 0;

Then both calls succeed so the kernel supports this.

 From this I assume that uclibc is compiled as if __NR_clock_getres is 
not defined. Does that sound right?

I have looked for configuration options and can not find any for this. 
How can I enable this?



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