Test build failed due to UCLIBC_INTERNAL header rework

Carmelo AMOROSO carmelo.amoroso at st.com
Tue Jun 10 16:31:54 UTC 2008

Bernd Schmidt wrote:
> Carmelo AMOROSO wrote:
>> recent change on libc_hidden_proto brakes test and utils build.
>> The problem is that test are built with UCLIBC_INTERNAL macro defined
>> due to inclusion of top Rules.mak causing the libc_hidden_proto to be 
>> visible.
>> So we could move the definition of the UCLIBC_INTERNAL macro within 
>> Makefile.in
>> for example or filter-out if from the CFLAGS in test/Rules.mk.
>> Any comments ?
> Maybe we should install headers into a directory in the tree, using 
> the same processing as for the real install, and point the test 
> programs at these headers.
> Bernd
I've now figure out that I was looking at the previous version of 
string.h where all the hidden_proto
were guarded by the UCLIBC_INTERNAL.. that now is changed again.
SO my previous suggested fixed doesn't work.. so probably the only 
solution is as Bernd suggested.

Anyway, let me say that we are changing and braking to much code 
I think we should go though a less intrusive approach by sending 
patch/discuss/review/test and only then commit.
That's my opinion.


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