Patch: revert uc_malloc use in des.c

Denys Vlasenko vda.linux at
Sun Jun 8 15:49:53 UTC 2008

On Sunday 08 June 2008 16:25, Bernd Schmidt wrote:
> Denys Vlasenko wrote:
> > On Sunday 08 June 2008 15:35, Bernd Schmidt wrote:
> >>   - reverting it adds back 70k BSS to libcrypt, but I expect not too many
> >>     programs link with it, and those that do are likely to need the data
> >>     anyway.
> > 
> > Actually, there is one program which you use a lot too. It's busybox.
> Maybe it needs splitting into busybox and busybox-crypt?

Not only crypt had large buffers. Thus we arrive to busybox + busybox-crypt
+ busybox-getpwnam + busybox-gethostbyname + busybox-getpwnam-and-gethostbyname + ...

Which would hint that we solve the problem from the wrong end -
it's not application's job to cater for large buffers in uclibc
wasting space, it's uclibc's job to not waste space.

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