[RFC] build system replacement

Bernd Schmidt bernds_cb1 at t-online.de
Sun Jun 1 13:24:15 UTC 2008

Bernhard Fischer wrote:
> I hope i improved the situation a bit now (if you use r22158 and later).

Yeah, good stuff.  My little ploy seems to have worked :)  Thanks.

> We honour both all our prerequisites (if your compiler groks what we
> mean to ask for in our gcc-ism) as well as the used CC and flags.
> I consider this fixed, issue closed, nothing to see here, please move on
> (or holler if i broke something) :)

Well, I seem to have trouble with the flag-compare code.  libdl.oS 
doesn't seem to build here (i386 default config), it doesn't get the 
-Ildso/ options passed.  Before that ldso.oS and resolve.oS are rebuilt 
every time.  Not sure if that's breakage local to my tree, but "svn 
diff" is clean and the tree is uptodate.

I'm also not sure I understand how the flag-compare code works, or how 
it ensures things are rebuilt when the flags do match.

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