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Ricard Wanderlof ricard.wanderlof at
Thu Jan 17 14:18:26 UTC 2008

On Thu, 17 Jan 2008, Filippo ARCIDIACONO wrote:

>>> You can only cross compile tests on the host doing the command:
>>> - Make -C test COMPILE_ONLY=y UCLIBC_ONLY=y
>> Ok thanks.
>>> UCLIB_LDSO=<target-path>/lib/
>>> UCLIBC_LDSO variable to set the dinamic linker that the
>> tests will use.
>>> The default is ../lib/
>>> After you compile the test you can use the following command to see
>>> the dinamic linker used to load the test.
>>> - readelf -l <test-name>
>>> To see the program header table of <test-name>, in the
>> PT_INTERT entry
>>> you can find the path name of the program interpreter that
>> the system
>>> invoke to load the test.
>>> If you want to run the tests on your target you have to
>> copy the lib
>>> direcory and the tests to the target.
>>> The lib directory must be copied in the <target-path>
>> previously set,
>>> if not the system cannot find the dynamic linker.
>>> So the test will use your libraries.
>> Putting the libraries on the target system is no problem as
>> we already have working products which use uClibc on target.
>> I suppose that there is no script etc that can be executed on
>> the target to actually run the tests? Otherwise we need make
>> tools and perhaps more on the target in order to run them
>> automatically, or else run each test by hand.
> If you have the "make" utility for your target you can try the following
> command from the target machine:
> - make CHECK_ONLY=y V=y
> It could only run the test comparing the results with the expected ones.
> Until now I never use this.

We don't have a make utility on our target at the moment, but I suppose it 
wouldn't be that difficult to get working. Thanks for the information at 
any rate.

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