unresolved symbols with locale support

Carmelo Amoroso carmelo73 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 08:21:38 UTC 2008

Lane Brooks wrote:
> I found my problem.  It was stale binaries did not get installed correctly.
> Lane
please note that the current status of locale support is not fully completed.
We at ST have a whole Linux distro build against uclibc with locale enabled
comprising almost 500 packages (Xorg, glib2... see the whole list at 

We are running some locale specific tests for 8bit locale and found
some bugs into locale code we'll release hopefully to the community soon,
but the support is generally working.

Note that multi-byte locale support is only for UTF8 (we did not yet test it fully).

uclibc doesn't provide gettext functions (if you need it, you can build the gettext
libraries and link your apps against libintl a we actually did)

Hope to be helpful.

> Lane Brooks wrote:
>> I recently turned on locale support in my uclibc build, and after 
>> recompiling everything, I am getting the following unresolved symbols 
>> when trying to run commands like python:
>> python: symbol '__ctype_b': can't resolve symbol in lib 'python'
>> I am new to locale support and am unsure how to hunt this problem down.
>> I see that __ctype_b_loc is now defined.  So is the problem with python 
>> or uclibc?
>> Things were working fine for me before turning on locale support, but it 
>> seems I need locale support to compile xorg/gtk.
>> Thanks,
>> Lane Brooks
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