Need help to compile Apllication binaries

Mike Frysinger vapier at
Sat Jan 5 08:05:50 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 07 November 2007, Carmelo AMOROSO wrote:
> harsh poshtiwala wrote:
> > I have flashed uclibc baes kernel and root file system on ARM926
> > EJS based target.
> >
> > I didn't cross compile application binaries with uclibc_small
> > cross compiler, but i had compiled it with arm-linux-gnueabi-
> > glibc_small.

this is probably the source of your problem ... your toolchains are all 
f-jucked.  build a real toolchain targetting uClibc and it should work fine.

> > When ever we try to execute the any APPLICATION binaries it gives
> > error message file not found
> >
> > #pwd
> > #tcuSw
> >
> > #./shu.out
> > sh: /.shu.out: not found
> >
> > The same happens with all the application binaries.
> I suspect it is failing to load the dynamic linker (yes, the message is
> not self-explaining !)

unfortunately, there's no real way to pass that information up to the user.  
the kernel cannot find the interpreter in the ELF header so it returns "file 
not found" to the process attempting the exec.

> Check you application  with readelf and look for the interpreter entry.
> It has to be
> /lib/; then check into your file system if it is there.

readelf does not provide a way to get at that exactly ... looking at the 
program headers (-l) will usually provide it in a round-about way.  or dump 
the .interp section with -x.  those lucky people with pax-utils package on 
their system can use `scanelf -i` to explicitly get the interpreter :)
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