thread debugging with gdb

juanba romance juanba.romance at
Sun Feb 24 18:19:41 UTC 2008

More outputs..
At the target system i check this output after breaking the test program at
the main thread
which is pid-ed as 337
# ps | grep syscore
  336 root        408 S   gdbserver :2345 syscore-probe.x
  337 root        232 T   syscore-probe.x
  338 root        232 S   syscore-probe.x
  339 root        232 S   syscore-probe.x

But if one request the present threads at the atacched gdb shell line only
the main() one is sampled

(gdb) info threads
  1 thread 337  main () at src/syscore-probe.c:88

Really weird, isn't
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