[PATCH] make getaddrinfo hint AI_ADDRCONFIG work

sjhill at realitydiluted.com sjhill at realitydiluted.com
Thu Feb 21 16:35:05 UTC 2008

>> How does glibc handle this?
> The latest (2.7) glibc (which is much newer than what uClibc is based on) 
> has a similar way of introducing additional checks in various parts of 
> the code. However, it relies on getifaddrs() to determine the existance 
> of an interface instead of checking the /proc filesystem.
> Which as you are implying might be a better way to do it.
I would tend to lean that way, yes. As Carmelo points out though, we
cannot copy code from glibc-2.7 due to their licensing. Is it possible
to examine and then recreate something for uClibc that does things


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