Status of uClibc NPTL and C++ on ARM

Bernhard Fischer at
Wed Feb 6 14:49:59 UTC 2008

On Wed, Feb 06, 2008 at 03:34:01PM +0100, Bernhard Fischer wrote:

>kraj duplicated the INTERNAL_SYSCALL for arm (thumb vs. non-thumb?) for
>reasons that i do not really understand (r16334), so we have to fix this
>up twice now, but it sounds like it would be better to just ditch the

oh, and AFAICT this hunk can go in independently, too, guarded with a
ndef __UCLIBC_HAS_THREADS__ for the old code that thrashes the
unwinding (shouldn't be strictly needed if not using threads and saving
those bits away sounds like it would cost several bytes per syscall
which we can spare. Perhaps somebody who actually uses ARM would know if
we should sacrifice some bytes for the non-threading case).

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