Has anybody gotten m68k to build in 0.9.29?

David Daney ddaney at avtrex.com
Wed Feb 6 00:51:00 UTC 2008

Rob Landley wrote:
> On Monday 04 February 2008 11:14:02 David Daney wrote:
>> Rob Landley wrote:
>>> My attempts at building uClibc-0.9.29 for m68k keep triggering internal
>>> compiler errors.
>>>>   CC libc/inet/inet_aton.os
>>>>   CC libc/inet/inet_addr.os
>>>>   CC libc/inet/inet_ntoa.os
>>>> libc/inet/addr.c: In function 'inet_ntoa_r':
>>>> libc/inet/addr.c:145: internal compiler error: in output_move_qimode, at
>>>> config/m68k/m68k.c:1899 Please submit a full bug report,
>>>> with preprocessed source if appropriate.
>>>> See <URL:http://gcc.gnu.org/bugs.html> for instructions.
>>>> make[1]: *** [libc/inet/inet_ntoa.os] Error 1
>>>> make: *** [lib/libc.so.0] Error 2
>>> I tried upgrading from gcc 4.1.2 to 4.2.2, and it made no difference.
>> Searching the GCC's bugzilla for 68k internal compiler errors yields
>> nothing for output_move_qimode.
> So that would be a "no", then.
>> Please open a new bug report at the indicated URL.
> To reproduce the bug:

I don't do 68k, so I'm not going to fix it.

As you probably know, the drill is to file a bug report with the 
preprocessed test case.

Posting only to uclibc at uclibc.org without a bug report to 
http://gcc.gnu.org/bugs.html, decreases the chances of it being fixed.

David Daney

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