Status of uClibc NPTL and C++ on ARM

Steven J. Hill sjhill at
Tue Feb 5 19:40:52 UTC 2008

> As I understand it, NPTL has been ported to uClibc and there is support
> for ARM, but it's currently living on a branch at
>  Right?
No, the ARM NPTL support is in patch form and has been posted to the
list. MIPS and SuperH NPTL support are in the branch. I am finishing the
merge and testing to then move both of those architectures to the trunk.
After that, then the ARM support will be brought in. For now, if you
want ARM NPTL support, go grab the patches.

> In general, POSIX thread cancellation does not work well with C++ as
> destructors are not called during cancellation.  In glibc+NPTL,
> however, destructors are called (though code in catch blocks might not
> be?) as the cancellation handler unwinds the stack.  Can anyone confirm
> whether this feature has or hasn't been included in the uClibc port of
> NPTL?  Has anyone tested it?  I guess that there may be some
> architecture-specific stuff in the stack unwinding, so maybe I also
> need to add "...for ARM" to the question.
I know how to spell 'C' '+' '+' and that's about it. Someone else can
answer your question on that.


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