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Wed Apr 23 16:59:23 UTC 2008

I do use tinygentoo at times. however I've since ported arch linux to uclibc
. so to create a base system is as easy as

"for devel chroot"

sudo ./pacman.static -Sy base base-devel --config ./pacman.conf -r

or for micro chroot

sudo ./pacman.static -Sy busybox --config ./pacman.conf -r ./uarch_root

I have full instructins here
uArch<>. The
instructions are longer then they need to be since it convers none
arch systems "I plan to condense it down to one install script".

basically the difference is you do not require a chroot to create a chroot.

Arch uses bsd style init scripts if you need to add a service. you simple
add it to /etc/rc.conf


On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 9:44 AM, Ed W <lists at> wrote:

>  Denys Vlasenko wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 April 2008 15:35, Ed W wrote:
>  I guess you have tried gentoo before embarking down this route?  You can
> drop out a basic bootable image starting at about 5MB and go up from
> there.  Simple to build binary packages and merge them using qmerge.
> Build binary images for the architecture of your choice (although to be
> fair cross compiling for non native architectures adds some extra steps
> which are somewhat complicated).  Use uclibc/mdev/udev or whatever takes
> your fancy...
>  Sounds surprisingly sane.
> Maybe it even uses something less arcane than init-with-runlevels-
> and-tons-of-scripts-in-/etc?
> I don't really know arch-linux so I don't know if you are being ironic
> about that or gentoo?
> However, I can dip into the buildroot and turn on or off services using
> (from my build script):
> # Don't start unneeded and unavailable services
> rc-config delete keymaps boot
> rc-config delete consolefont boot
> #setup some default services
> rc-config add dropbear default
> rc-config add net.eth0 default
> Building a root file system is easily scriptable, but the first few lines
> of my build script look like:
> export PROJECT=base1
> export EMBEDDED_ROOT=/var/embedded
> export ROOT=/var/embedded/builds/${PROJECT}
> export PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT=/var/embedded/portage
> emerge -vK baselayout
> emerge -vK uclibc busybox
>  Roughly speaking you run this under a chroot which matches your target
> environment (eg I use an x586 environment although the host is running
> AMD64), then this builds you a simple (small) base filesystem which will do
> not much more than boot and give you a busybox shell.  Customise or add
> software from there. eg:
> emerge -avK dropbear postfix dovecot madwifi-ng wpa_supplicant hostapd
> openntpd dnsmasq e2fsprogs ppp l7-protocols iptables firehol gpsd
> See the Tiny Gentoo entry on the gentoo wiki for a leg up, but you can do
> much better than that and I could be badgered to add my build scripts
> somewhere if people were interested.  Takes a couple of mins only to build a
> new base layout (and mine is now about 120MB of stuff using mdev, busybox
> and uclibc! )
> All the best
> Ed W
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