Ed W lists at
Wed Apr 23 13:35:30 UTC 2008

zio wrote:
> Hello all,
> just wanted to post a quick message. we are looking for feedback on uarch a
> micro linux distro. its basically a port of archlinux to uclibc and its
> moving along quite well you can find more information here 
> uArch 
> any feedback would be helpful

I guess you have tried gentoo before embarking down this route?  You can 
drop out a basic bootable image starting at about 5MB and go up from 
there.  Simple to build binary packages and merge them using qmerge.  
Build binary images for the architecture of your choice (although to be 
fair cross compiling for non native architectures adds some extra steps 
which are somewhat complicated).  Use uclibc/mdev/udev or whatever takes 
your fancy...

I have just used it to knock out a basic distro for an embedded 
appliance.  Very fast to customise (although probably you need a bit of 
time to setup your build environment first time).  Also very easy to get 
the image size nice and tight

Good luck

Ed W

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