NPTL merge: almost ready to start

Carmelo AMOROSO carmelo.amoroso at
Wed Apr 23 12:24:18 UTC 2008

sjhill at wrote:
>>>> just to inform all of you that I have successfully tested
>>>> the nptl branch on sh4 after my latest trunk->branch merge.
>>>> I'd like to check something else, then, asap, I'd like
>>>> to start merging the branch->trunk so that finally
>>>> we'll complete a so long still pending work.
>>>> Please be patient due to my others duties with my work,
>>>> but this is one of my top priorities in the next months.
> Will you be posting all of your test output of the uClibc testsuite
> and LTP? Thanks.
> -Steve
Hi Steve,
yes why not ? no problem in doing this. even if I haven't see any other 
archs doing the same.
Anyway, just for information of the community, uclibc-nptl port for sh4
is already used by an ST customer in a real Set-top-box video recorder,
that is already in the market, and never shown any issues with uclibc.
Is there a better test case for a running box ? ;-)


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