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Mon Apr 21 21:19:43 UTC 2008


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Carmelo Amoroso wrote:
> Khem Raj wrote:
> Carmelo Amoroso wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> just to inform all of you that I have successfully tested
>>>> the nptl branch on sh4 after my latest trunk->branch merge.
>>>> I'd like to check something else, then, asap, I'd like
>>>> to start merging the branch->trunk so that finally
>>>> we'll complete a so long still pending work.
> Are you also dragging along mips and arm.
>> Hi Khem,
>> mips code is already in the branch as well sh4,
>> so it will be merged as is.
>> I assume mips port on branch is the latest working available
>> (no chances for me to test it).
>> Regarding arm, after merge finished, I could try to integrate
>> the patch available from Codesourcery, but currently I cannot test
>> it (likely in the future)

I have been maintaining the arm port in sync with trunk but did not do a merge since couple of months. So it seems
we have to do the merge directly on trunk then once you pull forward the mips and sh work into trunk.

>> Carmelo
>>>> Please be patient due to my others duties with my work,
>>>> but this is one of my top priorities in the next months.
>>>> Best regards,
>>>> Carmelo
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