installation question?

xrin oscar xrinoscar at
Mon Apr 21 07:18:55 UTC 2008

I have specify the path to /usr/src/kernel and perform the following
but is seeing errors
@localhost uClibc-]$ make CROSS=arm-linux-
make: arm-linux-gcc: Command not found
make: arm-linux-gcc: Command not found
what can i do about it??
On Mon, 2008-04-21 at 07:56 +0200, Denys Vlasenko wrote:
> On Monday 21 April 2008 06:18, xrin oscar wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 1)
> > I am using RHEL 5.
> > During install, the installer complain about not able to find /usr/src/linux.
> > This is because RHEL 5 does not have this directory.
> > How to solve this problem??

You must specify where you kernel headers are installed, this is done in
kconfig system.

I.e. the KERNEL_HEADERS variable in .config.

With kind regards,
Hans-Christian Egtvedt, Applications Engineer

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