installation question?

xrin oscar xrinoscar at
Mon Apr 21 04:18:12 UTC 2008

I am using RHEL 5.
During install, the installer complain about not able to find /usr/src/linux.
This is because RHEL 5 does not have this directory.
How to solve this problem??
2) a pre-compiled uClibc development system.
I follow the instruction to download the root_fs image but cannot be mount to the system.
what does this mount command trying to perform ???
and where to find this root_fs_i386 folder.
	* Download root_fs_i386.bz2 from 
	* bunzip2 root_fs_i386.bz2 
	* mkdir root_fs 
	* su root 
	* mount -o loop root_fs_i386 root_fs 
	* chroot root_fs /bin/su - 
Hope someone can help to explain it.

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