Issues on linuxthreads

Carmelo Amoroso carmelo73 at
Sun Apr 20 06:09:43 UTC 2008

Hi All,
recently there have been reported several issues
on libpthread segfaulting while running simple application.
It has been discovered that users were using linuxthreads implementation
instead of (stable ?) linuxthreads.old.

I don't know what is the current status of linuxthreadsde developmnet,
neither I remember who is doing the development.

I don't have currently any time for investigating on this beinf NPTL
my target implementation, but as a general rule, at least until somebody
will provide a patch for those problems, I'd suggest to all users
to *use linuxthreads.old* library.

Anyway, solving the linuxthreads bug is something to be dobe as well.


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