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Fri Jul 27 07:03:55 UTC 2007

Is there a reason why you're using 0.9.27 which is getting older and older?
Indeed, the dynamic loader (if it is indeed the source of your problems) has
been greatly improved in 0.9.28. If you have to use that version, you should
probably provide us with the log of your system start-up preferrably with

Cedric Hombourger

2007/7/27, Sync ma <sync.jma at>:
> Hi, all:
>    I have got a big problem for my board, maybe someone here could
> show me the right direction. Maybe it was a FAQ, but forgive me, I
> have found any hint about this situation( nearly all websites just
> told me to link _staticly_).
>    When the linux kernel(2.6.10) init done, none dynamic linked
> routings could be executed, but the staticly linked routings works
> well(such as busybox, If I build busybox not in staticly, it could not
> work either).
>    From the nfs lookup call (use nfsroot for debugging), I found that
> the dynamic linked routings request and it hangs,
> no more output from the console.
> Could anybody told me where to go further, how to debug with such a
> situation, I have build uClibc with the options bellow, still no
> ouput...
> ============================
> My toolchain is: gcc 4.1.2, uclibc0.9.27. linux-2.6.10, binutils-2.16.1
> Thanks a lot!
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