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Sync ma sync.jma at
Fri Jul 27 06:51:21 UTC 2007

Hi, all:
   I have got a big problem for my board, maybe someone here could
show me the right direction. Maybe it was a FAQ, but forgive me, I
have found any hint about this situation( nearly all websites just
told me to link _staticly_).

   When the linux kernel(2.6.10) init done, none dynamic linked
routings could be executed, but the staticly linked routings works
well(such as busybox, If I build busybox not in staticly, it could not
work either).

   From the nfs lookup call (use nfsroot for debugging), I found that
the dynamic linked routings request and it hangs,
no more output from the console.

 Could anybody told me where to go further, how to debug with such a
situation, I have build uClibc with the options bellow, still no



My toolchain is: gcc 4.1.2, uclibc0.9.27. linux-2.6.10, binutils-2.16.1

Thanks a lot!

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