Locale support

Filippo ARCIDIACONO filippo.arcidiacono at st.com
Thu Jul 26 08:36:12 UTC 2007

See my post in july.


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In my previous post I had selective locale support, when I enabled all
locales my compiler produced such errors:

make[3]: `conf' is up to date.
  CC extra/locale/locale_data.os
  CC libc/misc/locale/setlocale.os
In file included from libc/misc/locale/locale.c:103,
                 from libc/misc/locale/setlocale.c:8:
./include/bits/uClibc_locale.h:332:2: warning: #warning need thread version
In file included from libc/misc/locale/setlocale.c:8:
libc/misc/locale/locale.c: In function 'update_hr_locale':
libc/misc/locale/locale.c:229: error: '__locale_mmap' undeclared (first use
in this function)
libc/misc/locale/locale.c:229: error: (Each undeclared identifier is
reported only once
libc/misc/locale/locale.c:229: error: for each function it appears in.)
make[1]: *** [libc/misc/locale/setlocale.os] Error 1

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