Installed gcc 4.2.1. Discovered that we have 16-byte stack tax^Walignment enforced on us now. :(

David Daney ddaney at
Wed Jul 25 23:36:37 UTC 2007

Rob Landley wrote:
> On Sunday 22 July 2007 8:21:40 pm Denis Vlasenko wrote:
>> Hi busybox, uclibc
>> <rant>
>> Just read this.
>> OMG. WE DO NOT DO ANY SSE!!! *ANY*! But we are going
>> to have code in our binaries which tries to ensure
>> that our non-existent SSE code will run ok.
>> Shit.
>> </rant>
> I've noticed that gcc is going further and further into the weeds.  I miss 
> egcs, back when the FSF had nothing to do with the project...

Have you read comment #8 in the bug report where Paul Brook tells you 
how to get exactly the behavior you desire as well as the reason that 
things are the way they are?

I know it's fun to attack the FSF, but they really have nothing to do 
with deciding which the stack alignment will be used for a particular ABI.

David Daney

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