Joshua ChaitinPollak jpollak at
Wed Jul 25 23:30:29 UTC 2007


I'm using uclibc in a project and I'm having trouble with sockets.  
Specifically, If I have my application detach (using pthread_detach),  
my server listening on a unix socket seems to only handle one  
connection. Once that connection is terminated, it seems to go into a  
deadlock and client applications lock up as well.

I assume this is a problem with uclibc because my application works  
fine in my desktop environment using libc.

What I'm really asking is, are there any known issues with unix  
sockets and uclibc, and is there a way to compile uclibc to output  
debugging information so I can start debugging this? As it is, all I  
can tell is my application hangs.

The uclibc changelog doesn't seem to have been updated in a long  
time. Is it possible to see a round up of what new features are in  
new versions, and what bugs have been fixed?

I'm using 0.9.28, and I'm trying to decide if I want to upgrade to or 0.9.29



Joshua ChaitinPollak
Software Engineer
Kiva Systems

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