uClibc with Linux 2.6.8 Headers

DKerns at westell.com DKerns at westell.com
Thu Jul 19 19:59:29 UTC 2007

> > 3.  2.6.8 is not only prehistoric, it long predates the kernel's own
> > headers.  If you are really using 2.6.8 headers, it might help if
> > you explained where they come from (I'm not even sure if
> > linux-libc-headers was around in those days).  Your version of gcc
> > (at least, from an x86/x86_64/ppc perspective) is very old, so maybe
> > you do mean 2.6.8, but I suspect a typo for 2.6.18 ?
> No I did mean 2.6.8, I know it's old, but Cirrus Logic usually takes
> their time
> on releasing patches for the Linux Kernel.

For better or for worst, (probably worst) 2.6.8 has a lot of life left in
it still. The reason being is that it's very common for embedded chip
manufacturers to supply a kernel with their chip that has been tweaked for
their chip. I know our MIPS vendor is still shipping a kernel.

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