uClibc with Linux 2.6.8 Headers

Andrew McKay amckay at iders.ca
Tue Jul 17 13:18:26 UTC 2007


I'm building a new uClibc toolchain.  The toolchain consists of the following:
	linux headers-2.6.8
I have successfully built the toolchain, and it will compile binaries.  I have 
built busybox-1.6.1 with this toolchain, and most things seem to work.  However 
when an application makes a socket system call the following message is printed out:

	Socket: Function not implemented

I assume this has to do with changing Kernel headers, however I can't figure out 
at this point how to get uClibc to work with Linux-2.6.8 headers.  Could someone 
point me in the right direction of where to go?

I realize that 2.6.8 is an older kernel, but at this point it is our stable 
kernel being used in multiple systems.

Andrew McKay
Iders Inc.

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