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Roberto Riggio rriggio at ufl.edu
Fri Jul 13 20:49:29 UTC 2007


I'm not sure if this is the right ML. I'm compiling a program of 
mine for
the mipsel platform. More specifically for a wireless router 
running openwrt.

However I have a strange behavior with the timeval struct. This is 
fragment of the code:


gettimeofday(&t1, (struct timezone *)0);


t2.tv_sec = t1.tv_sec + delta;
t2.tv_usec = t1.tv_usec + ((unsigned long)(delta*1000000) % 

printf("t2 set to: %s\n",tvtoa(endtime));

The output of printf is always wrong. SOmetime it is a time before 
other times it is after.

Please note that when I compile this software for the x86 platform 
using uclibc) everything works fine.

Where is the Problem?

Roberto Riggio
PhD Student

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering - University of 
435 Engineering Building, P.O. Box 116130

e-mail: rriggio at ufl.edu
home page: http://dit.unitn.it/~riggio/

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