does anyone of you have a patch to remove ncurses from uclibc ?

Christian MICHON christian.michon at
Mon Jul 9 19:22:22 UTC 2007

On 7/9/07, Kevin Day <thekevinday at> wrote:
> If I am understanding you correctly, I believe I had had this happen
> before, for me it was a problem with an external intl while ncurses
> tried to build the menu.
> Here is my solution:
> $(HOSTCFLAGS_$@) $(HOST_LOADLIBES) $< -o $@|& -lintl|'
> extra/config/Makefile
> $(HOSTCFLAGS_$@) $(HOST_LOADLIBES) $($@-objs) -o $@|& -lintl|'
> extra/config/Makefile
> $(HOSTCFLAGS_$@) -c $< -o $@|& -lintl|' extra/config/Makefile

thanks for the suggestion. indeed I was not clear enough.

I want to be able to perform a "make oldconfig" without ncurses
installed at all. the intl is not the issue here.

it's possible with the kernel. ncurses is only needed if we
want to do a menuconfig. it should be possible with uclibc to
be able to compile uclibc from scratch without having ncurses
installed (whether it's just the headers or not).

--, a linux distribution for Qemu

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