uClibc++ associative_base performance

Asier Llano Palacios a.llano at usyscom.com
Fri Jul 6 07:21:44 UTC 2007

El jue, 05-07-2007 a las 19:36 -0400, Garrett Kajmowicz escribió:
> On Wednesday 04 July 2007 03:18, Asier Llano Palacios wrote:

>  workload you would be running that would take that amount of time.  On a low 
> memory system (which is what uClibc++ is geared towards), it's hard to have 
> enough memory to have enough records that this should matter.  If it's a 
> matter of inner loop performance, you would be best either taking a reference 
> to the node that you are using over and over, or using iterators to go 
> through the entire contents.  Both should result in constant-time 
> performance.
> If you have a very large amount of memory to the point that you are able to 
> fill up a very large data set than I would suggest going with libstdc++ - it 
> has algorithms that are optimized for speed whereas I went for readability 
> (at least in my own mind) and size.

I have about a thousand elements of about 60 bytes, but that change very
dynamically. I can afford 60 Kbytes of memory, but I cannot afford
having libstdc++, and I still need performance.

> I'm happy to consider any contribution that you would like to make. 

I'm nearly finishing it, and when I have it finished I'll post it. I'll
try to have a low impact in binary size and memory size. It will be a
bit more complex than a linked list (but not much bigger).

> I personally have objections to using a license similar to BSD or X11.  One 
> person has made the argument that I should instead be using the GPL with 
> linking exception (same thing that libstdc++ uses), but I haven't bothered 
> converting as of yet.

I'll contribute it under LGPL, for you to include it easily.

> <snark>
> It is so privileged that you sent it to a publically accessible mailing list 
> with a published public archive?  Unencrypted?  Wow.  And I was just starting 
> to think that you knew what you were talking about.  I like the bit about how 
> I'm supposed to know to "destroy it without review" the document when the 
> super-secret stamp is attached at the bottom.
> Finally, the message is scanned for viruses, but you disclaim liability.  Why 
> tell me this?  And if somehow the document contained a virus in the main 
> message (as opposed to an attachment) would I then be able to sue you because 
> your disclaimer doesn't cover it?
> *sigh*
> </snark>

Sorry about the disclaimer. It is included automatically by the mail
server of my enterprise. It is somehow disgusting to mail to public
lists, with it always attached, but I don't know the way to work around

Thank you.
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