select should be a cancellation point

Cedric Hombourger chombourger at
Thu Jul 5 08:31:24 UTC 2007


I have looked at PR #1013 ( and
concluded that the thread got never cancelled because select() is no longer
a cancellation point while specs say that it should. Anyone knows why it got
removed from libpthread/linuxthreads.old/wrapsyscall.c?

I wanted to compare with linuxthreads (instead of linuxthreads.old) but even
simple programs segfault. I haven't investigated why at this stage. Is it a
known issue?

What's the plan wrt. to the pthread library:
   - everybody will use NPTL as soon as merged into trunk?
   - stabilize linuxthreads and then remove linuxthreads.old?

Cedric Hombourger
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